Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The DockBox - the World's First Ultrabook Docking Station

Based on your feedback, I have redesigned the Dockbox!
Check out the new USB 3.0 version here.

Get yours today at techneesh!
Let me know what you'd like in version 4 :)

I'd like to introduce my first self-manufactured product, The Dockbox.

I built this due to the frustration of constantly having to plug in my monitor, keyboard, mouse, and extra storage to my Samsung Series 9 every night. I wanted a faster, more efficient solution. I also figured there were folks out there who could benefit from me putting all the pieces of the puzzle together into one tidy package.

What is it?
The Dockbox is a next-gen docking station for ultrabooks. It hides in a drawer, behind a monitor, or in plain sight. It is available in Clear/natural, Gunmetal, and Blue. Other colors available upon request.

Why do I want that?
-Get up to 256 GB extra solid-state memory  for all your storage needs
-Get 2 extra USB ports for connecting your keyboard, mouse, or whatever else
-Get easy HDMI connectivity to a monitor or to your TV (wanna watch Netflix in the living room?) with the included HDMI full->micro cable

What does it cost?
-$89 for the 32GB model.
-$139 for 64GB
-$189 for 128GB
-$289 for 256GB

What do I get?
The Dockbox package includes:
-1x Dockbox made from renewable PLA in the USA
-1x HDMI full to micro cable to connect to your ultrabook
-1x USB cable to connect to your ultrabook
-1x HDMI cable to connect the Dockbox to your monitor or tv!

Where do I get one?
You can get yours today! Select your options and click buy now below:

Memory Capacity

I built this product out of a need and personal desire to have one myself. It took me 38 development iterations to get the dimensions & strength up to my standards. While version 1.0 is ready for prime time, I always seek improvement in anything I do, build, use, etc. Please send me comments and suggestions so I can include them in v2.0!

Technical Specifications
-Dimensions: 3"x4"x1"
-Weight: 116 grams
-Speed: 10MB/25MB write/read per second (32 and 64 GB models)
-Type: USB 2.0, HDMI 1.4

Usage Diagram
Setup is a snap! Simply plug in the three included cables like so:

And you're good to go.


  1. I share a similar problem: too many cords! Power, keyboard, monitor and speakers. I've spent more time searching and untangling cords than what's necessary. This is a great solution!

  2. Great idea. What kind of SSD does this include?

    1. Thanks, Luke.

      This design uses USB flash sticks (read/write speeds posted above) both so the DockBox can be as small as possible and also because SSDs would be overkill for a USB 2.0 interface.

      If there were some preorders, I could make a USB 3.0 version with a super fast SSD.

      I was working on a new version that excluded the HDMI coupler. What do you think?

  3. I saw your comment on and decided to give you some input. I would "refine" the build quality/ esthetics a little more. I recommend doing them in Brushed stainless steel or brushed allie with a coat of varnish on, because that stuff stains easily! How it will look in terms of material:

    Look at the backplates he made 1/3 of the way down the page.

  4. if you put an ethernet interface i would buy 5 of them....

    1. hmm I like that idea. i'll have them ready for you in about 2 weeks- shoot me an email so i can let you know when they're ready- willstone at gmail

  5. Did You ever go ahead with the USB 3.0 Option, because I would be interested in 2 or 3 iof they had Network as well as a 32gb or 64gb SSD and HDMI plus extra USB 3.0 Ports. Cheaper than the Toshiba USB 3.o Docks I am buying now!

  6. Hi, Wondering if you ever changed to add Ethernet network interface and / or USB 3.0?

    Plus would you be prepared to ship to Australia (Melbourne, Victoria to be more specific)?

    1. I wanted to reply with photos of the new dock but it's not quite there yet - hopefully today :)

      It is not USB 3.0 but I did add ethernet. I will look into buying the parts for 3.0 today - out of curiosity, how important is it to you and what do you use the higher speeds for, if you don't mind me asking?

      Thanks for your feedback/suggestions!

    2. Hi Will,

      Thanks for response. The primary interest in USB 3.0 was simply the faster speeds to the SSD. To be honest, having an Ethernet port is the most important need, followed by HDMI, the extra storage and then the additional USB Ports. The USB 3.0 would be a bonus.

      BTW, thanks to your article for upgrading the mSATA SSD, I have upgraded my 15" Samsung Series 9 (NP900X4C) Ultra book laptop from 128gb (which was a LiteOn) to 256gb (Crucial). It used to do a cold boot in about 17 seconds, it now does it in about 6 seconds. A real Speed demon, so I am very happy. I also have an original Samsung Series 9 (NP900X3A), so I am hoping the same approach can be used as the biggest problem I had with it was lack of storage.


      David Jones
      Melbourne Australia

    3. David my apologies for not replying sooner - I got an email from someone from Australia about the same topic and thought it must have been you - but I realize that it wasn't.

      Here's what I wrote:

      The new version of the dock adds 2 USB ports + ethernet but removes the HDMI coupler - will this work for you?

      I typically ship USPS priority - which is $24 for 6-10 business days to you - and can also do express for $45 (3-5 business days).

  7. I am very interested, i need one with ethernet.

    Can you ship it to Chile ?


  8. Do you offer your product on Ebay?
    If you do, please post a link, thanks

    1. Apologies for the delay. I made a website for my creations- eBay charges a 10% fee and is a lot of effort to maintain auctions. My eBay userid is shopmwstore, and I can create an auction for you if you prefer. But I did make a site for the purpose :) !

  9. Can you update us on the current model? Ethernet is now included with mini-HDMI and USB 2.0? What about USB 3.0? And the various storage models? What are the current prices?

    1. The prices here are current and I put the dockbox on I actually just sold a 256 gB one last week. I use Sandisk flash memory because I've found it to be the most reliable. I haven't gone USB 3.0 yet because I don't know what folks would use it for - usb flash memory doesn't require greater than USB 2.0 speeds, it's simply not fast enough. What do you want to use it for?

      Dockbox v2 is finished but not posted yet - I removed the HDMI coupler and added ethernet and 2 extra USB ports. What do you think?

  10. can you aalso add usb 3.0 Ethernet... with 300gb ssd...

    how much will that cost???

    1. please see my comment above - i can do 256gb with ethernet & 4x usb 2.0 ports for $289- what did you want the usb 3.0 for? I stopped researching pricing for parts because I don't really have a personal need for usb 3.0- so lmk yours!

  11. The latest HP and WD external hard drives are USB 3.0. I have 1-Terabyte WD Passport. Since it is solid state, it benefits from USB 3.0 speed. I have a Series 5 ULTRA Touch 540U3C-A01 Laptop...Will the Dockbox work with it?
    My external monitor has two options: VGA or DVI, but not HDMI. The Series 5 Ultra only has an HDMI port, so I need an HDMI to DVI adapter. Ethernet port would be nice, but not as essential as USB port for keyboard. (2.0 okay for that). I am using a wireless mouse. Does the Docbox require drivers? AC adapter? I am running Windows 8.

    1. Sorry I missed this comment - what do you think of the new dockbox (version 3.0) that's on it has ethernet + usb 3.0 + a slot for a 2.5" ssd :)

  12. You should pitch this on Shark Tank. It would SELL.