Wednesday, January 11, 2012

CES 2012 nvidia windows 8 Dev tablet

CES 2012 Best Bluetooth headset

Zik parrot, detects when they are put on or taken off and pauses/plays music accordingly. Detects jaw vibration to enhance call clarity, uses touch gestures to control track and volume. Noise canceling.

Props for the champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and fruit.

CES 2012... Most absurd car

CES 2012 most innovative ski tech

Android platform with display inside ski goggles. Controlled by Bluetooth wristband. By Recon Instruments

CES 2012: Award for the coolest gadget stand goes to...


2012 CES Corning Gorilla Glass

Used in the Own tablet

2012 CES Ultrabook Winner

Goes to...

Samsung series 9.

13.3" is i7, Sata III, 1600x900, 400 nit, 170 degree viewing angle, .5" thick, 2.49 lbs, aluminum, awesome touchpad and keyboard.

CES 2012, Samsung 11.6" Intel i5/7 tablet

Sata II, 4GB ram, 1366x768

2012 CES 5.1 21:9 tablet... Why?

2012 CES 13.3" Toshiba tablet

Post says it all, coming Q3. I met with the project manager. Full SD, micro USB (not host), micro hdmi. Tegra 3.

CES 2012 waterproof wirelessly powered tablet, toshiba

Completely submerged, this 10" tablet receives power from a separate, detached transmitter.