Thursday, September 15, 2011

On-Person Hardware

UPDATE 7/29/2012--------------------------------
Since I wrote this post, I have made a few tweaks:

I no longer carry the ZaggSparq,
Instead I carry a SoShine AAA battery charger/psu, that is essentially the same as a ZaggSparq but uses removable rechargeable batteries

I upgraded to the Samsung Series 9 np900x4c instead of the Dell 15z

I no longer carry the cr-48 or BluCigs (the batteries on both started to fail)

I upgraded to the Oakley AP 3.0 from the messenger bag.

I've been asked several times now for a list of tech I use daily. Here it is.

Verizon Motorola Droid Bionic with Class 10 32GB MicroSD

Motorola S305 Bluetooth Stereo headphones

SCOSCHE flipSYNC II Keychain with mini and micro USB 2.0 Charge & Sync Dual Cable

2x X-Mini II Capsule Speakers (daisy-chain-able)


Dell 15z - picked it up 9/9/2011 for $800 - has WD 128GB SSD and HDD caddy in optical bay for original

Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

A mini-altoids container filled with about 10x 16GB microSD cards + SD adapters + usb adapters

Plantronics 3.5mm headphone jack Bluetooth Transmitter (turns any audio signal into bluetooth a2dp)

Jabra BT3030 Stereo A2DP bluetooth audio receiving dogtag (paid $35)

200 lumen Cree/GSipik Torch (flashlight)

BluCigs (not a smoker, but sometimes it's useful)

Google/Inventec Cr-48 with Windows 7 / CrOS / Ubuntu triple boot, 64GB SSD + 32GB SD

Waterproof, 100% recycled messenger bag to carry it all.

Sometime soon I'll post all the tools (non-electronic) that I carry as well.

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